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What is a clipping path?


Clipping path is a Photoshop technique that employs the use of a photo clipping software to separate the background from an image. Adobe Photoshop clipping path uses a pen tool that cuts out the image; making it easier to either transfer or replace the background. It also creates clipping paths in InDesign, image masking, picture saturation, photo manipulation, conversion, and retouching, which are vital tools in photo editing in order to produce a quality photograph. Clipping path for Photoshop employs color correction; this technique is referred to as multi-clipping paths.


How to create clipping path in photoshop cs6


Various specialists use adobe photoshop cs6 for a smooth transfer of an image from one application to another for text wrapping. By creating a clipping path, you decide what part of the picture will be rendered visible while which part will be omitted. A clipping path is drawn around an object you want visible hence providing an attractive end result. The following is the Photoshop clipping path tutorial:


Step 1: Create a path in Photoshop around the image you want visible employing the use of a pen tool.

-This is the first step in creating clipping paths; one creates a path around the object s/he wants visible leaving those that shouldn’t be in the image out. After creating the path move to the next step.


Step 2: Click the panel menu > save path (then name the path in the dialogue box.)

If by any chance the save path is not seen that means that it is already saved. Move to the next step.


Step 3: Click the panel menu > clipping path.


Step 4: The clipping path dialogue box pops up; select the path you intend to create from the drop-down list if it has not been selected. Then click OK.


-If you need to change the photoshop clipping path flatness, you may change. The flatness value determines how many pixels will be employed when creating your image. The higher the value, the more the processing time will be a need. Flatness too high may provide an unrealistic final image. It is not a must one sets the flatness value, you may opt out and move to the next step.


Step 5: Click on file > save us ( from the format drop-down list click on photoshop EPS. The EPS will provide a dialogue box. Accept the defaults then click on OK).

-If errors appear during the printing repeat step 4 but set the photoshop clipping path flatness value at 2 pixels in order to correct the error.


How to make a clipping path in Photoshop cc


Steps in creating a clipping path in photoshop cc that can be used by clipping path illustrator cs6 and clipping mask InDesign.


Step 1: Convert background to a layer


In windows: Alt Key + double click on the background layer.

In Mac: Option Key + double click background layer.

This step may not be necessary if you are already working on a layer


Step 2: Create paths in photoshop around the object you want to be retained.


Step 3: Layer panel > double click on add layer mask button.


Step 4: File >save (select in .psd format)


Step 5: File > place to put the image include the clipping path.


Final Verdict


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