Shadow Creation

The presence of a genuine shadow enhances the beauty of an image. In most cases however, capturing the natural shadow is difficult, making the image a little dull. However, with the use of shadow creation, our photography artists can expertly create shadows which look genuine to the eye, and which magnify the beauty of the original image.


Why shadow creation is important for an online product seller

E-commerce is here to stay, and many are taking the advantage and convenience of online shopping. As an online product seller, the high competition can pose a challenge, and you have to find ways to make your products stand out and attract buyers. One method is by use of shadow creation services. There are three major reasons why shadow creation is important.

  • It makes your site attractive

There are probably thousands of sites selling the same product. When a customer lands on your page and finds poorly taken photographs, they are likely to get bored quickly and won’t stick around to see what else you have to offer.

  • Attractive images increase trust

An online store is unlike a brick and mortar store where customers can feel and touch your products. If you take your time to create beautiful images, customers will feel the effort taken, and this increases their trust levels.

  • Visual beings

Potential customers will visit your page, see the exquisite photographs, and if they like what they see, the probability of converting those clicks into sales is high.


Why our shadow creation service is the best

There are rules that should never be broken when it comes to shadow creation. First, you have to create realistic shadows and second, and second, be consistent in all your images. Our team of professional art directors knows this and that is why we strive to give you the best images whose beauty is a reflection of the original product. We take our time and use the latest software to give you end results that will surely convert potential customers into loyal customers. Our packages are also pocket-friendly, and we also offer quantity discounts.


What is shadow creation?

Shadow creation is a Photoshop technique that lets you create shadows or manipulate the object’s shadow, to make it realistic and also attractive to the eye. When done perfectly, shadows give bring life to your images by altering the original flat-looking photograph to give it a realistic and natural appearance.


Types of Shadow Creation

  1. Drop Shadow

The technique creates an artificial shadow under the image, to give it depth and a realistic look. The artist can use different angles to create a shadow under the image, by imitating how an object appears when the sun is above it. The shadow is usually black or grey against a white background to enhance its appearance.

  1. Natural Shadow

This is the most realistic shadow but it is more difficult to capture when taking the photograph. It is best created by use of a natural or artificial light source, placed strategically at the side of the object. Editing will enhance the shadow and make your image stand out.

  1. Reflection Shadow

This photo editing technique will make your image appear as though it was taken on a reflective surface such as a mirror or glass surface, rather than just floating somewhere. It improves the appearance of your product, making it flashy while still professional.


How to create a shadow in Photoshop

The three types of shadows discussed above are created a bit differently. However, you can create simple realistic shadows using Adobe Systems Photoshop program in eight simple steps.

  1. Open the image you want to edit in the Photoshop program
  2. Click the layers panel from the Window menu
  3. From the layers panel, click on the New Layer button. This will give you a floating layer that will form the basis of your shadow.
  4. Open the “Multiply” option which will let you create a shading effect by painting over your original image. Note: the original image will still be visible to serve as a guide.
  5. You can now choose the shading color that is most appropriate for your needs. You can create normal shadows by choosing the grey color while black results in a darker shadow.
  6. Use the brush drop-down menu to select the brush style that you want to use. If you want softer shadows, use a brush with softer edges. You can manipulate the opacity level to give you faint, soft or sharp shadows.
  7. Use the floating surface to paint to the desired sharpness and opacity levels. Colors and brush style can be changed at any time.
  8. From the “Layer” menu, click on the “Merge Layers” option to attach your shadow to the original image. Don’t forget to save changes.


Final Verdict

As an online product seller, shading your images increases their appeal and makes potential clients linger more on your website. Using the services of professional photo editors ensures that your images pop and that you stand out from competitors. Reach us today to get a quote and start your journey towards converting those clicks into sales.